Alpha Genomics (Pvt) Ltd offers the following training courses with a focus on improving participants' practical applications, by using the appropriate theoretical knowledge. Our Workshop/Training Services framework classified into different modules, each with its own unique characteristics. 

  •  Bioinformatics
  •  Molecular Biology Techniques
  •  Immunology

These Workshop and training courses are intended for scientists, researchers and students who desire to enhance their lab, computational skills and knowledge in areas of Molecular Biology and Computational Biology (Bioinformatics). 

The main objective is to make realization for essential tools and methods utilized in biology at industrial level, to provide complete hands-on-training in the basic tools and techniques, to inspire and motivate all life sciences to apply these techniques in their research

Alpha Genomics (Pvt) Ltd courses combine theoretical and practical training to achieve:

Comprehensive understanding of the principles and theories underlying the technologies

An up-to-date picture of the latest trends in the industry

Essential and useful hands-on bench skills that can be employed in a real-life lab setting.


Workshop/Training Services framework classified into different modules;

Module 1: Bioinformatics (Basic to Advance)

Introduction to Bioinformatics

Understanding Genomics Bioinformatics

Databases & tools

Gene Prediction & Annotation 

Biological Functional Annotation 


Introduction to Galaxy

Introduction to Linux and basic command 

Module 2: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Overview of NGS & detailed understanding

Data Retrieval (NCBI SRA) & Introduction to data types

Read Quality Check (FastQC & Solexa)

Alignment of reads using reference Genome 

Visualization of mapped reads (UCSC / IGV)

Exome and genome assembly

Annotation and variant calling

Module 3: RNASeq Data Analysis

RNASeq Data Analysis and R PROGRAMMING 

Gene Expression Quantification (Coverage,FPKM)

Differential expression analysis( Cufflink, cuffmerge & cuffdiff )

Different plots (Heatmap,volcano plot etc) using R

Pathway & Gene ontology enrichment analysis

Pathway Network Analysis

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