Alpha Genomics (Pvt) Ltd. facilitates immunology research through its expertise and high quality system. We work as an extension of your research lab where our experts provide help in study design, wet labs, data analysis and technical guidance throughout your projects.
We are facilitating in:
⦁    Development of immunological assay for various antigens (proteins and non-
⦁    proteins)
⦁    Flowcytometry: Immunophenotyping/DNA Cell cycle analysis etc.
⦁    ELISA (MultiScan GO Spectrophotometer)
⦁    ELISpot
⦁    MTT assay
⦁    Diff-Quick staining, vital staining, DAPI staining, Giemsa Staining, Acridine Orange staining
⦁    Cell Culture:
⦁    Primary cell culture: generation of T cells, B cells, macrophage,, and DCs from rodent bone-marrow, Generation of RBC from HSC (human umbilical cord blood)
⦁    Hematopoietic stem cell culture and characterization
⦁    Microscopy: Light, Fluorescent and inverted

⦁    Cell Separation:
⦁    Immunomagnetic separation of target cells from heterogeneous mixtures
Alpha Genomics (Pvt) Ltd. is committed to provide excellence in your research goals through our state–of–the–art facilities. Professionally, we help you in designing your research plan, lab execution, data collection and interpretation and training of students in the field of immunology through our experts in international network.