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Molecular Biology Reference Lab (MBRL)

Alpha Genomics (Pvt) Ltd. established the Molecular Biology Reference Lab (MBRL) in collaboration with ThermoFisher Scientific Inc. and Sure Bio Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals. We offer services for research students/faculty for their projects and training.

MBRL offers:

•      Full support in all molecular biology procedures

 DNA extraction, PCR (conventional/gradient/real-time), Gel electrophoresis (horizontal, vertical), Nanodrop, UV-visible spectrophotometry (range: 200-1000 nm), fluorometric enzyme assays, fluorescence–based assays, AlphaImager ProteinSimple (Gel documentation system) (chemiluminescence, DNA quantification, bacterial colony counting, protein gel documentation)

•      Primer designing

•      Sanger sequencing

•      Phylogenetic studies,

•      Evolutionary studies (evolutionary analysis)

•      Varietal identification of crops/plant species

•      Genetics analysis/genotyping

•      Molecular marker development

•      High Resolution Melt (HRM) analysis (detects mutations/variations in DNA/RNA samples)