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Where is your company located?

Alpha Genomics (Pvt) Ltd. is located in PWD, Islamabad. It is easily accessible as it is located near Islamabad highway.

Is Alpha Genomics (Pvt) Ltd. a registered company?

Yes. Alpha Genomics (Pvt) Ltd. is registered with FBR, SECP and Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

What kind of services do you provide to your customers?

Alpha Genomics (Pvt) Ltd. offers services in the Life Science research. We offer research support to academia, industry and allied institutions in the areas of next-generation sequencing (NGS), immunology, pathobiology, nano technology and molecular biology. Furthermore, Alpha Genomics offers biological manuscript editing services (BioMES) to enhance the acceptance rate of your publications.
For NGS services, Alpha Genomics (Pvt) Ltd. is the sole representative of Novogene, Hong Kong in Pakistan. We send samples to Novogene and receive data in soft form.

How do you collect samples for NGS from your customers?

Alpha Genomics (Pvt) Ltd. collects samples with or without dry ice, as per customers’ ease. Customers send their sample through courier at our address.

How does the quality control check of NGS samples work?

Novogene shares the quality control check data with Alpha Genomics and we inform the customers about quality of their sample before the sample is forwarded for sequencing.

What is the price per NGS test?

Price is totally customized based on the type, size, numbers and origin (host species) of the samples.

Do you offer internships for research students?

Yes. Internships are entertained against advertisement only. 

What kind of research support do you offer for faculty members?

Alpha Genomics would be pleased to support academia. We offer research support in all relevant service sections of our company.

Do you host MPhil/PhD students from other universities as gust researchers?

Yes. However, the project, on which a students would work, must reflect the interest of Alpha Genomics (Pvt) Ltd.

Do you charge Bench Fee from the guest researcher?

Yes. Bench Fee would be customized based on the nature of project, relevant supplies and duration.   

Do you have your generic products in the market?

Technology Development section of Alpha Genomics (Pvt) Ltd. is working on the development of generic product-line.