Alpha Internee

  • Farah Bibi

    Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi ( PMAS)

    Duration of work : Four week 

    I am Ph.D scholar University Institute of Biochemistry and
    Biotechnology PMAS AAUR. I am doing research on
    neurodegenerative disorders. In order to gain practical
    experience in research environment and to explore more about
    science and genetics techniques, I have joined Alpha Genomics
    wet lab.

  • Shabana Hanif

    Quaid-e Azam University Islamabad (QAU)

    Duration of work : 8 Weeks


    I am M.Phil scholar, Molecular Biology Lab Department of Biochemistry from QAU Islamabad and here to do a project for Molecular analysis of Plant’s samples.

  • Moez Sohail

    University of Central Punjab

    Duration of work: 4 Weeks


                      To get experience.

                      Learn different molecular biology techniques.

                      Handling of instruments.

  • Shaista Arshad

    University of central Punjab

    Duration of work:  4 weeks


    It's good to get knowledge before starting your practical life so I choose Alpha Genomics for my grooming, development of various skills, to learn basic rules and regulations and handling to work in labs for research and different projects.

  • Qundeel Mushtaq

    COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI)

    Duration of work : 4 weeks  

    I am Bachelors Bioinformatics Final Semester Student and hope to learn wet lab skill with analysis skills to enhance my Research Methodology and Alpha Genomics seems the best institute for this as I can not only generate analysis data but also learn the way data is generated. I hope to learn as my wet lab microbiology and Nano-technology skills as possible.