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Message From CEO

Ibrar.pngIbrar Ahmed, PhD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
I am delighted to welcome you to Alpha Genomics, the premier business organization in private sector in Pakistan to help researchers in life sciences.Research in life sciences is a rewarding, yet equally challenging, experience. In many cases, universities as well as R&D organizations fall short of required facilities and / or skills to successfully accomplish research projects. A vast majority of research projects advance our fundamental knowledge in science, but do not materialize the knowledge into an applied process or product to benefit the society. Often the research projects are of descriptive nature, rather than based on a scientific hypothesis. Owing to the quality-compromised output of their research projects, researchers and scientists find it difficult to publish their findings in prestigious international journals. These are a few among many limitations which the scientists and researchers need to overcome in order to successfully complete their research projects.
Alpha Genomics has been established to overcome above limitations in scientific research. We believe that as a private business entity, we are the pioneer organization in this field in Pakistan. We aim to revolutionize the basic sciences by acting as a bridge between academia and industry and give solutions to research problems by providing state of the art research facilities equipped with modern technologies, as well as necessary expertise. Our team of expert scientists provides services in various scientific disciplines in life sciences. We are here to assist researchers and scientists from universities, R&D organizations, NGOs, NPOs and teaching hospitals. We envision research in a holistic perspective, starting from its conception through execution till application or publication phases. We are happy to provide consultancy at the planning phase (formulating conceptual framework) of your research projects. If you need a helping hand or access to scientific instrumentation in various fields (given in our Sections link), consider us as an extension of your research lab. With necessary expertise in-hand, we offer hands-on training in wet-lab work as well as next-generation sequencing data analyses. For making sense and interpreting your scientific data, you will find us an email away. During the publishing phase of your research project, our BioMES team offers help in scientific writing and editing your manuscripts. If your project is of an applied nature, we feel pleasure to provide you guidance in filing your patent application. Alpha Genomics also aims to build our in-house product-line of different products and services during the course of time. If you are filing an applied research project to various funding agencies and need an industrial counterpart, we are happy to talk about it.
Science is advancing at an unprecedented pace. New discoveries enlighten our lives in everyday life. Scientific knowledge goes beyond geographical boundaries to become an international inheritance of humanity. We are committed to link Alpha Genomics to international counterparts in near future to give a global outlook to Alpha Genomics.

Welcome to the era of life sciences, welcome to the Alpha Genomics.